That’s all, Folks!

Over the past four months I’ve been working away on my #learningproject. As a requirement of EDTC300 we had to teach ourselves something new, utilizing tools on the World Wide Web! We could chose the skill and all we had to do was document what we were doing and the tools we were using weekly.

I chose to teach myself how to make jewelry! It was always something I wanted to try but was never really sure where to begin. EDTC300 was the perfect push to pursue this idea! I had absolutely NO idea what I was getting into as jewelry making was never a hobby or skill of mine prior!

Here’s a recap of my ‘week-by-week jewelry making’. The recap encompasses it all; from the beginning and not knowing a thing, to trial and errors, research, and bumps along the way. Read to the end to see what my “final project” was and if I successfully achieved my goals or not!

Let the RECAP begin…


“This is the Start of Something Wonderful I hope…”

Recap Notes:

  • Introduction of project and my inspirations
  • Week-by-week plan (Which changed, see the markings below!)
Week Dates Project
1 September 20 – September 26 Braided bracelets ✓
2 September 27 – October 3 Zigzag bead bracelet ✓
3 October 4 – October 10 Bead and charm bracelets ✓
4 October 11 – October 17 DIY clay beads ✓
5 October 18 – October 24 Earrings DIY Clay Beads
6 October 25 – October 31 Choker necklaces Research
7 November 1 – November 7 Stamped charms Earrings
8 November 8 – November 14 Wire jewelry Choker Necklace
9 November 15 – November 21 Cement jewelry Choker Part 2 & Diffuser Bracelet
10 November 22 – November 29 Matching jewelry set ✓


Week 1:

“Outside, Inside, Outside, Inside, Repeat, Repeat”

Recap Notes:

  • Created braided bracelets
  • A great first step in jewelry making as it was fairly “easy” to teach yourself
  • Documented my progress with a few pictures


Week 2:

“Better Luck Next Time”

Recap Notes:

  • Attempted a more challenging design (I stated that “I half completed it, half failed it”…)
  • Didn’t feel very successful this week, but was proud I completed the bracelet nonetheless
  • The DIY blog I used had instructions in Greek, so I only had pictures to go off of
  • Had the wrong sized materials so my bracelet was destined to be a bit of a fail
  • Documented progress with pictures


Week 3:

“Just a BEAD Student BEADing”

Recap Notes:

  • Scaled back the difficulty
  • A lot of creativity with the patterns I had designed AND I managed to make more than one bracelet this week
  • Inspiration came from what’s trending in the real world (don’t have a resource for this)
  • Documented with a video (not quite a tutorial, but close enough!)
  • Made video with iMovie and uploaded to YouTube


  • Instructions for tying bracelets (Pinterest)

Week 4:

“Blakely’s #teethwatch2017”

Recap Notes:

  • This was my first week where I “hit my wall” (read about the road blocks if you’d like)
  • Still managed to “stay on track” and made my own beads, however it wasn’t what I had hoped for.
  • Documented my progress with a quick bullet point explanation and a picture


Week 5:

“I’m Here to Rock and Roll”

Recap Notes:

  • Essentially a repeat of week 4
  • I upped the difficulty and made marbled beads with wood
  • Made a tutorial video using iMovie and uploaded it to YouTube
  • Side note: I announced I had a secret “project” that I was going to make, permitting my supplies arrived and sadly they haven’t arrived yet! So I’ll tell you now… I was going to make “chewelry” for Blakely since she’s been teething. I was so excited to make jewelry for myself that would have a purpose besides looking nice. I’m hoping my silicone beads arrive soon and I’ll be able to make my “chewelry”, even though I didn’t get to document it for this class.


Week 6:

“Four Websites to Spark Creativity”

Recap Notes:

Week 7:

“A Studdley Tutorial”

Recap Notes:

  • Back in the ‘workshop’ and a relatively successful week
  • I made a variety of earrings
  • Documented my progress by taking pictures and then making a tutorial on iMovie with a voice over the pictures to explain each step


Week 8:

“Cha, Cha, Cha”

Recap Notes:

  • First attempt at making a choker necklace
  • Sub-par week really… I was lacking supplies but wanted to move forward with my project so I made do with what I had
  • Reviewed a few different websites and planned for next week
  • Documented my project with a quick explanation and a picture


Week 9:

“Cha, Cha, Cha Part 2”

Recap Notes:

  • Continuation of week 8… choker necklaces
  • Managed to use the tutorials from week 8 and make two different styles of choker necklaces
  • This week was challenging as I had to improvise since I couldn’t find the right supplies I needed at Michaels
  • Documented my progress with pictures and a thorough critique of the DIY tutorials I used




“Another Day, Another Blog Post”

Recap Notes:

  • This was an unplanned addition to my learning project
  • I went to a dõTERRA essential oil bracelet making party
  • Learned how to make a diffusing bracelet
  • Documented my progress with pictures and explained how what I have been doing all semester was “correct” in the eyes of the jewelry “teacher” and I explained how I gained new skills as well

The Finale:

  • This was my final project! I saved it to include with this post. I wanted some incentive to read this final blog post so I decided to include pictures of my last project!
  • I created a matching bracelet and necklace that I gave to my Mom as an early Christmas present!
  • I found the inspiration from my Pinterest board and the tutorials were extremely easy to follow so my work went smoothly and my finished product turned out great!



Wrap up:

So there you have it, my “jewelry journey”. All in all I would say I did well, even though I had to change up my plans. Every week I put in a lot of time to challenge myself and to push my skill set a little further. I intend to continue making jewelry as I was quite ambitious at the beginning of the semester with my plans and I missed out on making quite a few things, but I know I will get it done!

My one let down or regret I have from this learning journey was not challenging myself in the ‘sharing department’. Sure I used my blog weekly and I would tweet about my progress, but I wish I would have been more creative with the ways I shared my progress. For example, I wish I used Padlet or Smore to share, or as a different way to create a tutorial. Although, I will say I am proud I was able to use iMovie and create a tutorial a couple of times, because that was a major challenge!

When it’s all said and done I am still proud of myself and of the progress I made over the last four months. I have learned a new skill and I figured out different ways of presenting that skill. I also became capable of critiquing resources and was able to decipher what a good source was and wasn’t. This #learningproject was a great learning opportunity and I now know where to go when wanting to create my own jewelry. I’m also excited to say I have a new skill set. I CAN make jewelry… at the beginning of the semester that statement would have been a joke.

That’s all I have to say, keep on learning, my friends!




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  1. Hey Nicole, I think you did an awesome job with your Learning Project by constantly trying new ideas and finding new resources to assist you. It’s too bad your supplies didn’t arrive in time for you to make your “chewelery” but I hope you continue to stick to your plan. Your finished projects are beautiful and I love that they stick to today’s “trends”, you’re probably saving yourself lots of money. Thank-you for sharing your progress and best of luck learning in the future!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! Your jewelry journey has been really lovely to follow, Nicole. From the beginning, you were producing great stuff but I’m in love with that lasts turquoise stone long necklace. I hope your jewelry making day don’t end and your learning continues on past the conclusion of this course. You’re on a roll!


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