How I contributed…

I’m on the last leg of the race, just need to push a little further…

Today I am going to try my best to summarize how I have contributed to others learning this semester in EDTC300. Throughout the course I used our Google+ Community, Twitter and blog commenting (on WordPress) to communicate with classmates, aside from Zoom.Us during our weekly sessions. I will “break it down” by category!


Although Google+ wasn’t used that often by our class, I tried to respond to questions when I had a response, and posted when I felt it was appropriate. I usually posted on Twitter, however there were a couple times I wanted to share things with my classmates, without posting on Twitter and Google+ was the perfect location!


Throughout the semester I made it a goal of mine to be active on Twitter. Katia had suggested we tweet at least twice a day and I truly tried my best to stick to that standard. To be honest, it is much easier said than done! Prior to this class I hardly used Twitter (check out my summary of learning to get a real feel for my lack of Twitter use). I had a few followers and the only people I followed were a couple of friends. Now, although I am nowhere near close to the number of followers Katia or Alec Couros has, I am well on my way!

Anyways, I believe what I posted on Twitter throughout the semester was useful information for my classmates and myself. The material I posted was usually related to our EDTC300 class and I tried my best to utilize hash tags so they could help me connect with others. If the material I shared wasn’t directly related to EDTC300 it was other education related material that I believed would help myself and classmates from previous education classes. On top of posting education and technology related material, I found myself “sleuthing” my classmates often as I wanted to keep up to date with their thoughts and posts as well. I would often comment, like or re-tweet classmate’s posts so they knew I was interested in their tweets and that I appreciated them too!

What I found most difficult on Twitter was getting outside of my comfort zone and communicating with complete strangers! I tried a couple times to reach out but wasn’t always sure how to do so. I believe taking this step and branching out is a major success for building a solid PLN. It is a goal of mine to continue to reach out on Twitter throughout the rest of my education career.

Obviously I didn’t post all the screenshots of all of my tweets as that would have been A LOT and would have got boring – FAST! So please, check out my Twitter profile so you can see for yourself just how much I shared this semester!


Throughout the semester I attempted to comment on at least 1 blog a day. Some days I missed the quota and others I surpassed, so all in all, I think I hit “the standard”.

When commenting on classmates’ blogs I would try to show my support in regards to their learning projects, as I knew how difficult it was to post progress reports (even when you felt like you weren’t progressing)! Along with supportive comments, I tried to give suggestions if I had

any. As well, I would ask questions because I was genuinely curious! By commenting often, asking questions and sharing ideas it showed my classmates I was interested in their journeys. Along with commenting on others’ blogs, I would respond to posts on my own blogs as well. I always enjoyed when I was able to have conversations with classmates on blogs!

Again, I will not post all of my comments, as that would be long and again, boring! But here is a quick screencast of my comments. (I took notice of Kendall’s questions on our Google+ page about tracking comments and decided to check it out myself.)

Well, there you have it! A quick summary of how I’ve contributed to others’ learning! Honestly, I think my classmates and prof have helped me far more than I could have helped them! I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to participate in EDTC300 and I look forward to staying connected!











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  1. Hi Nicole!

    I just want to say that everything you’ve done this semester for EDTC300 is incredible! Even outside this post, I see your name everywhere on blogs and on Twitter, always contributing and helping, and that’s absolutely amazing!

    Good luck on your next couple of semesters!



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