Cha, cha, cha PART 2!

Well, this week of jewelry making was challenging but successful!  It’s a continuation of last week’s choker adventures!  Like I mentioned last week I didn’t have the right supplies so I post-poned making othe necklaces to this week. I went to Michael’s and treaded through the large crowds, got my supplies and was home and working diligently on my projects!

For this week I decided I would review the tutorials I used and share my own progress photos as supplementary material to the tutorials.

Necklace ONE (same website as last week)

  • The exact tutorial is right HERE.
  • This necklace was easy to make, although I had to improvise.
  • The clasps for the ends of the string were non-existent at Michaels so I bought what I thought would work. (Cording closures, they look close, but don’t manipulate easily.)
  • The cording closures I bought were way too tough to pinch with pliers, so I used jewelry glue and let them dry overnight.
  • The tutorial left out the entire part on HOW TO TIE the necklace, so it took me a few tries to figure it out… but I got it done!


Necklace TWO  (same website as last week)

  • The exact tutorial is HERE
  • The tutorial is titled “Easiest Leather Choker Ever”…..The title is a lie!
  • It was difficult for me… although it is definitely easier than others, I wouldn’t venture to say it’s the easiest. Anyways, moving on…
  • I managed to make the necklace with the supplies I had on hand. (See below)
  • It took a little more grit work than the tutorial lead me to believe. I had to “dismantle” a lot of my own chains to get the pieces I needed.
  • Leather cord and crimp ends

    Jump rings and lobster clasp I had to take apart
  • Also, the tutorial lacked essential tips in my opinion.
  • Like how to actually attach the jump rings, or how to attach the crimps at the end.
  • Here is a YouTube video on how to attach lobster clasps and jump rings. (It’s a great video, from the Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters YouTube channel I reviewed a couple weeks back!)
  • Although this tutorial has pictures with instructions, it could have been even better had there been extra tips or even videos of the steps!
  • This necklace was challenging for me and I’m extremely proud I finished it.

Not to toot my own horn, but if you decide to make these necklaces I recommend you use the tutorials AND my tips from this blog to achieve success a little bit easier. I feel my pictures and comments have something to offer.

Next week I am planning on filming a tutorial on a matching jewelry set… wish me luck as it’ll be a lot of work, but hey I figure let’s end my learning project with a bang!




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