Cha, Cha, Cha!!

Well more like cho, cho, cho… CHOKER!

This week I decided to tackle making necklaces, in particular chocker necklaces. I do have to admit that I didn’t excel this week. I need to get back to Michaels to pick up some different materials, however I don’t drive into the city often, so I made do with what I had this week.

Anyways! A couple weeks back I ‘reviewed’ different websites that would be beneficial for jewelry making and that was the first resource I used this week.


All Free Jewelry making has so many options I was actually overwhelmed (In all honesty, it was a good problem to have). I did end up finding a few different choker style necklaces that I figured I could handle making. Each style has a quick description with a link to a DIY tutorial. This website is fantastic for the amateur jewelry maker such as myself.




I used the variety of cords I had from when I created my braided bracelets from week 1. Using this YouTube tutorial and the DIY tutorial linked to the All Free Jewelry website I was able to do a simple braid and then tie a charm to it to make the choker below.

The great thing about all the resources I used is that they allow for some creativity. The tutorial is easy to follow; yet you can add your own twist. The only suggestion I have for both the DIY tutorial and the YouTube tutorial is that they give some “trouble shooting tips”. What should one do if they get things mixed up? Or are there any tips on how to better tie off the ends of the necklace?

Next week I want to continue making some chokers. I plan on heading to Regina to hit up Michaels and get some new supplies! I’m excited to do more choker necklaces and hopefully film another tutorial to showcase my progress!

As always, if you like the style of jewelry I am making, take a look at my Pinterest board to see where I get my inspiration from.







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