A ‘studdley’ tutorial

Well, this week I hopped back on the production line and created some new jewelry! I actually ended up making a few pairs of WEARABLE earrings! I initially decided to share my progress in the form of a tutorial using Tellagami (since I had previously reviewed it) I felt comfortable using it again and thought it would be a fun and creative way to share my work. WELL…. Tellagami is not compatible with the iPhone’s new iOS11 so I was hooped. I ended up going ‘plain Jane’ and used iMovie with my pictures and voice over…. it’ll do!



As promised here are the tutorials I used!

Clay Knot Earrings

  • Tutorial was so easy to follow!
  • Awesome pictures and a great explanation of each step with tips on what to do!
  • This website has great tutorials however, not a lot are for jewelry.
  • They have a wide variety of DIY projects with great instructions however.

Rock Studded Earrings 

  • Just like the clay knot earrings…
  • Clear pictures with easy, simple, written instructions – easy to follow.
  • However, this website is not meant for jewelry tutorials but rather ‘DIY’ tutorials.
  • Website is easy to maneuver nonetheless.

For all jewelry supplies I shopped at Michael’s

Catch y’all next week!


3 thoughts on “A ‘studdley’ tutorial

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  1. Awesome job Nicole! I love that you are making trendy pieces that you are able to wear. Thanks for including step by step instructions and your honest opinions on each step of the project, keep up the great learning!


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