Just a BEAD student BEADing

Well, this week was fun! I really enjoyed making jewelry and that may be because I scaled back the difficulty. Not only was it easier, but I had fun being creative and trying anything I wanted! This week was all about basic bracelets with beads and charms!

What was so time consuming this week was designing patterns for each bracelet. I would spend a lot of time picking different beads and laying them in a design I liked before stringing them onto the elastic. Even though the bracelets look fairly basic, they were time consuming because my fine motor skills lack, I would slowly but surely get each bead strung onto the elastic.   I used this tutorial to tie each bracelet together and finished each one with a dab of jewelry glue to ensure they will be wearable!

Since this week was enjoyable making these bracelets I figured I would video my work and originally I was going to do just a fast forwarded video, then I decided I would add some titles so it was almost like a mini tutorial video. THEN I just had to add in bloopers because I attempted THREE different bracelet videos and this is as good as it gets! Two of the three videos were epic fails!!

This video documenting the process took longer to make than making the actual bracelet. I played around with iMovie a lot and it took awhile to get the hang of, but I’m finally starting to understand!

I hope at least one of my bloopers makes you laugh! Have a great week everyone!



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