What is #nt2t anyways?!

Well, #nt2t is not ‘number sign n-t-2-t”, but rather ‘hash tag n-t-2-t’. Shocking revelation there. It took me awhile to understand the concepts of hash tags, but social media is a very fast paced environment so I quickly learned the purpose of a hash tags. In all seriousness I’m sure you truly are curious what #nt2t stands for… behold, #new teachers to twitter!

This week our ‘job’ was to participate in a ‘twitter-chat’ and to be honest I was not looking forward to it. I honestly did not believe people used twitter as a way to have a full-fledged conversation. I assumed twitter was for posting your thoughts or sharing ideas here and there, but not having an immediate response/reaction. Little did I know that people use twitter as a way to have a ‘professional conference/meeting’. I did not think of twitter as a professional tool at all! In my mind I always clumped twitter in with other social media apps and assumed it was for personal use. This week was a huge learning curve for me to say the least.

I chose to join the #nt2t chat on Saturday morning at 7am, yes I got up early on the weekend to do this! (It wasn’t that bad to be honest.) I grabbed my coffee and signed into twitter on my tweetdeck and braced myself for what was to come. I am thankful that during our Wednesday night #EDTC300 class we did a mini twitter chat so I had an idea of what to expect. Promptly at 7am a ‘moderator’ began the conversation and soon enough my tweetdeck was being filled with all sorts of responses.  I was feeling a little overwhelmed as I wasn’t able to read everyone’s responses, but I told myself to relax and just keep an eye on what the moderator was saying. I actually wasn’t sure this was a legitimate thing until I had people responding directly to me, welcoming me to the chat and at that moment I was blown away. There were people from America and India greeting me and welcoming me to the ‘twitter-community’.

What is so awesome about #nt2t is that it’s designed for ‘twitter-newbies’. The chat was focused on how to follow and understand twitter chats and there were even side conversations of how to grow your PLN. Without a doubt I recommend this chat to everyone in our class. I learned great tips and will definitely join again. Even better, I

feel like I have some confidence and I would join other chats as well. One of the best ‘tips’ I took away from this chat was the Twitter Dictionary. Julie Szaj, one of the #nt2t participants shared it and I will be forever grateful! I feel like I may just stand a chance in the twitterverse with such a wonderful tool!

Happy chatting everyone!




3 thoughts on “What is #nt2t anyways?!

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  1. Hey Nicole,
    Something that really stood out to me during the twitter chat was how welcoming and supportive everyone was. It seemed that because they knew that you were new that wanted to help you. I honestly didn’t know twitter chats were a thing before this class. Like you I thought twitter was for your own thoughts, but I was very wrong. Also thank you for sharing the twitter dictionary with us it seems like it’ll be very helpful! Do you plan on participating in #nt2t chat again? Or would you rather try a new chat first?


    1. Hey Rebecca,
      Thanks for reading and commenting! I would most definitely do a #nt2t chat again! Can’t say I would do it every Saturday as it is a little early for a weekend morning, but honestly it was worth it. The individuals that participated were extremely supportive and all about sharing ideas/resources to help build your PLN. I also want to try some other twitter chats too. I feel like #nt2t was a great intro to the twitter chat world!


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