Outside, inside, outside, inside, repeat, repeat…

Ok, that title is long and repetitive but that was how my week was with my learning project. This week I focused on braided bracelets. (Look back at my chart from my previous blog to see my plan of action). Using my Pinterest board for inspiration I found a tutorial that seemed simple enough to begin with. I initially read the blog for what I needed and went to Michaels to grab my supplies. I was lucky enough to find a ‘starter’ kit for making friendship bracelets, so I bought that. In hindsight, I would rather have bought my own embroidery thread, that way I could have had some better colour options. Oh, well, noted for next time! Below are some pictures I took while creating my bracelet!

I am honestly so glad I chose jewelry over baking… While working on my bracelets I would get a couple braids done at a time and then would have to tend to my daughter. It’s like she has a sensor built in that whenever Mom goes to do some work, she freaks out and needs 150% of my attention. So this learning project is fantastic in that I have control over when and how long I work for! (Well, Blakely has the control, but it all works out in the end!)

 My second bracelet is a ‘knitted-like friendship bracelet’. For this bracelet, I found a tutorial video on YouTube and have been following it!   This technique is more difficult than the first and I can tell my finished product is not going to be as nice as the video’s. While working away I have started to figure out little tricks that make the knots better, but I wish the tutorial video would have told me that instead. Although it’s a good video with clear description on how to use the knot tying technique, they don’t give any advice for ‘trouble shooting’ or any other tips for that matter. Check out my twitter account for a picture of the final product! Hoping to be done by Tuesday night… Blakely please give me a little time.

I can’t wait to check in with all the other #EDTC300 learning projects and to see what my classmates have been up to!




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