This is the start of something wonderful… I hope

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Hey, hey cyber world!

Today I am introducing to you my learning project and plan for the semester. After some serious debating I have decided to attempt to make jewelry this semester for my learning project! I have no background with making jewelry, aside from some stellar macaroni necklaces I designed in 1996 (pretty sure my Mom still has them stored in a drawer somewhere… never know when you might want to dress up and head out with painted macaroni!) With that in mind I am sure you are now wondering why jewelry?! Well, let me spill the beans and tell you!

We had to choose something we would enjoy teaching ourselves with the use of technology. For me I knew I would not be attempting anything related to music or painting as I have no interest in either and it would have resulted in a major fail. While deciding what to do I had to make sure it would be realistic to achieve with the amount of time given.   I don’t have a lot of ‘spare time’ (as the kids would say now a days)… being a new Mom doesn’t really give me an opportunity to have free time and I don’t even look at a clock anymore because it usually makes me cry (I am up at 3 am way more often than I would like to admit). Back on track, Nicole!! So with that being said, I knew my project would have to be something that I could start and stop frequently. I had considered baking as I have always wanted to master my baking skills, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to put a cake in the oven, walk away and return three hours later and have any amount of success. Again, it would have been a major fail! I thought about making jewelry, as this is something I have always wanted to try, but have never put in the effort because I don’t consider myself to be crafty. Now is a better time than ever to finally dive in and try it though! So, I began to Pinterest some ideas and after noticing some easy DIY projects I decided this was for me! Even though I am not very crafty, I am really looking forward to making jewelry and stepping a little out of my comfort zone. I don’t have a specific goal to achieve at the end. What I do know, is that I want to attempt a different style/technique of jewelry making each week and by the end I want to be attempting some more difficult techniques. How cool would it be if I could make jewelry worth wearing?! Maybe I will find my new calling! #Dreambig

Below is a rough chart of my plan (note: this is not set in stone, plans must be flexible!)




1 September 20 – September 26 Braided bracelets
2 September 27 – October 3 Zigzag bead bracelet
3 October 4 – October 10 Bead and charm bracelets
4 October 11 – October 17 DIY clay beads
5 October 18 – October 24 Earrings
6 October 25 – October 31 Choker necklaces
7 November 1 – November 7 Stamped charms
8 November 8 – November 14 Wire jewelry
9 November 15 – November 21 Cement jewelry
10 November 22 – November 29 Matching jewelry set

Also before I sign off, take a look at my #LearningProject Pinterest board to see what I am using for inspiration!

Until next time friends,




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  1. Nicole, I love your blog and your learning project idea, I think it is super creative and I am excited to see some of the jewellery pieces you create. I also thought it was a smart idea to include your Pinterest board so people can see your inspiration and what you are working toward. I hope that it goes well and that you are able to create all the pieces you have planned to make because if so you will have quite the jewellery collection.


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