Welcome to the blog of Nicole Aulie

Hey everybody, it’s September and the beginning of a new semester, which in the education world essentially means … ‘introduce yourself to everyone and share one fun fact about yourself!’ Thrilling stuff I tell you!!  So, rather than constantly re-telling my fun fact of “I love my dog”, I will type out a quick blurb about my fascinating life and direct everyone to read this blog instead!

I grew up in Regina, but currently live in Lumsden with my husband (Brady), daughter (Blakely) and dog (Kona)!  I am in my second year of education in the middle years program as a BEAD student.  I completed my first degree in 2015, a Bachelors of Kinesiology.  I like to think of myself as an active individual with a passion for the outdoors, but let’s be honest here.  Ever since having my daughter (June 3, 2017) I hardly step foot outside and when I do, it feels like a culture shock.  We spend most of our days inside our home figuring each other out and I am still learning this whole new lifestyle of motherhood.  I am however getting back to being active and am currently teaching a ‘Mom-Baby fitness class’ in Lumsden with other locals and it’s a splendid time.

We’re supposed to share a little about our background in regards to technology and on a scale of one to expert.  I sit comfortably at a negative 10.  I can do some fancy things on a computer, don’t get my wrong.  I am a pro at copying and pasting.  I know how to post a status on Facebook and I have successfully completed sending out a tweet (is that even the right lingo?!).  Other than that I have no idea what I am doing.  Last year I learned how to blog and still to this day it takes me time to figure out what I am doing and where the post is going to end up.  I don’t necessarily love blogging, but I hope that if I get the hang of things, I might actually start to enjoy it.  I seriously hope this class teaches me a thing or two about technology and how easy it can be to use!  I am eager to build some new skills!

Oh, and before I bid you all goodbye, I need to link something here… so without further ado, check out my twitter account. I will be posting more as the semester moves along!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to check back to see what my #learningproject is going to be about!  I’m excited to get started!




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  1. Hey Nicole,

    First of all I really enjoyed reading your post this week! Also the picture of your daughter and dog is adorable. I think its funny how you said that you were an expert at copying and pasting. Its funny because as a lot of us have grown up with technology in our lives we often think we should be experts at it. But lets be honest there is a lot stuff out there that is way above our heads. And I truly believe that our students will laugh and roll their eyes at us because we are unable to do something “so easy.” I for sure think this class will help you become more in tune with technology and you will probably learn the right “lingo.” I look forward to reading more of your posts throughout the semester!


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